Who is Yonwoo Europe?

Established in 1983, Yonwoo Europe are key players in the cosmetic packaging industry; their main aim is to increase the value of the beauty of a product. By utilising technological advances and devoting their R&D to globalisation, they practice rigorous quality control and market development.

What is the PCD Exhibition?

The Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics & Design (PCD) Exhibition is the world’s leading event in perfume, cosmetics and premium drinks packaging and aerosol and dispensing technology. Held in Paris, France, it brings together global luxury brands with packaging suppliers, materials and inspirational solutions. From sustainability to smart packaging, these discussions and discoveries can help towards a better future.

What Were Yonwoo Europe’s Exhibition Stand Requirements?

Yonwoo Europe required a simple yet visually effective stand; with the stand having limited dimensions of 3M x 2M, it was imperative that every inch was used in a way that made the most out of the space. It needed the capability to showcase the client’s products, as well as allow for valuable attendee interaction.

How Did PEM Exhibition Services Help?

As mentioned above, the space was limited so we had to make sure that Yonwoo Europe made an impression just as strong as they would’ve done with a bigger stand. By displaying a full colour banner graphic to the back wall, we were able to gain awareness during the show with the visitors knowing exactly who they were when they approached.

We used a two-tiered reception unit in the front corner, with the front tier having a perspex top, in order to have an area dedicated to visitor interaction where discussions could be had. Finally, we designed an internally illuminated product display unit which highlighted the client’s range of various packaging solutions.

What Results Did Yonwoo Europe See from PEM Exhibition Services?

Even though the space was small, it still included all of the aspects the client wished for. The stand was eye-catching which, in turn, attracted visitors and provided an area for them to interact and network.

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