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What We Do

PEM Exhibition Services are not only professional designers and builders of bespoke exhibition stands, but offer a full and comprehensive storage service as well. We have the experience and the capabilities to assist you from planning to preparation, and everything in between.

When you come to us for a shell scheme or space only exhibition stand design, we also offer exhibition stand storage and logistics, so you don’t have to worry about these additional components. By putting your trust in us to design and build your stand, you can have total peace of mind knowing we can safely store and deliver your stand on the special day. We really do mean it when we say we offer a complete service.

Exhibition Stand Storage
Exhibition Stand Storage


Why We’re Great

There’s no need to look around and research where you can store your stand before each exhibition. You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to transport your stand either, we’ve got it all covered.

You can rely on us to look after your stand components as we offer a fully secure storage area. With CCTV coverage and on-site security alarm systems, your exhibition stand is in safe hands. No matter when you need it, utilising our exhibition stand storage services we will be ready to deliver and install your stand at the venue set for your next exhibition.

If you are looking for a long-term storage solution, PEM provide flexible terms to suit you and your requirements. Need storage for multiple use exhibition stands? We offer a cost-effective solution so you can reserve and use the space as many times as you need, at a competitive price.

With stress-free administration, your exhibition stand is always ready to go for the next show. It doesn’t matter what size your design is or how long you need to store it for, we have the ability to keep it safe and secure.


Where We Go

PEM exhibition stand logistics service can be used in conjunction with our exhibition stand storage facilities. We offer transportation of your stand from our storage facility to the exhibitions you are showcasing at.

Our exhibition stand logistics service includes the building of your stand at the venue in preparation for displaying at shows and the dismantling afterwards. If you would like to find out more about what we can do for you, get in contact with us today.


What We Do

After you’ve spent so much time investing in a custom, bespoke exhibition stand design, you want to make sure it is well looked after – especially when travelling to the show. When you come to PEM Exhibition Services for your shell scheme or space only stand design, you know you can trust us with your exhibition stand delivery too.

We offer a guaranteed and reliable service to get your stand safely from A to B. With a range of options for pick-up and delivery to suit your needs, we are flexible and work around you. Our specialist transport and lifting equipment is of the highest quality and is designed to keep your materials safe. Find out more about our exhibition stand delivery service by calling us today.


Store an Exhibition Stand

Once your bespoke exhibition stand has been designed and built, you can discuss the next steps with our team. Exhibition stand storage and logistics arrangements will depend on your specific requirements, such as the size of your stand, how long you want to store it for, how many exhibitions you need it for, etc.

PEM Exhibition Services are flexible and adaptable to suit every individual need, so enquire now by filling out our contact form or get in touch with us directly to discuss your storage demand.

Exhibition Stand Storage

Need an Exhibition Stand Designed too?

No matter whether you have booked yourself a shell scheme stand, or space only stand, PEM Exhibition Services offer exhibition stand design and development tailored to you. Contact us today so we can arrange a project brief to understand your requirements and start planning your design.

30 years of experience

Contactable 7 days a week

6 knowledgeable exhibition stand experts


We don’t just offer Exhibition Stand Storage

Any trade show exhibitor knows that an exhibition stand can increase sales and boost interest in their company simply by luring customers to their booth. PEM Exhibition Services offer everything from small-scale portable display stands to large-scale customisable stands. A display stand is your shop window at marketing events so make sure you stand out with high-impact displays.

3D Stand Design - Types of Exhibition Stand

3D Exhibition Stand Design

Shell Scheme Stand Design - Types of Exhibition Stand

Shell Scheme Stand Design

Modular Exhibition Stands - Types of Exhibition Stand

Modular Exhibition Stands



What can be done to fix an exhibition stand if it is damaged while in storage?2022-07-22T16:07:23+01:00

While we do take all reasonable precautions when handling and storing our exhibition stands, unforeseen circumstances can possibly lead to damage or mild wear-and-tear. Under PEM’s supervision, an exhibition stand will almost never be damaged beyond repair. If you find any noticeable damage on your exhibition stand, we can fix it at no extra charge or we can offer you a partial refund for our service. Identical replacement parts will be seamlessly fitted once we remove the blemished pieces.

Can exhibition stands be folded up?2022-07-22T16:06:30+01:00

Some exhibition stands can be compacted, making them easier to store. Modular exhibition stands are especially flexible as they can either be folded up or packaged away in separate pieces, ready to be reassembled when the next big trade show rolls around. The easy storability of modular systems is a key selling point that makes them very attractive to business owners hoping to take their brand across many different trade fairs.

Where are exhibition stands stored when they aren’t being used?2022-07-22T16:05:53+01:00

At PEM Exhibition Services, we use specialised storage facilities for our clients’ exhibition stands, some of which are owned by third-party organisations dedicated to handling delicate corporate assets. These facilities are secure and all contents are regularly monitored by staff, so if you have a trade show exhibition stand in storage for long periods of time between business fairs, you can be safe in the knowledge that your stand will be properly taken care of.

How much does it cost to store exhibition stands?2022-07-22T16:02:50+01:00

Depending on the type, design and style of the exhibition display requiring storage, the exact cost of such services can vary. At PEM, as we regularly create, transport and provide safe storage for so many unique varieties of exhibition stands for our many customers, we do not have fixed price ranges for these services. When it comes to exhibition stand retention, we have to consider the dimensions of the exhibition stand in question and what kind of storage space can properly accommodate it, as well as the best way to contain the materials, whether or not the stand should be kept in one piece or disassembled into smaller parts, among other logistics.

To ascertain a price for your exhibition stand storage, contact our specialists today.

How do you properly store exhibition stands?2022-07-22T16:02:08+01:00

Exhibition stands have to be handled carefully in order to avoid damage. PEM Exhibition Services have developed an extensive set of procedures designed to ensure safe storage – all of which are followed by staff fully trained in securely storing an exhibition stand without risk of damaging the overall structure. By allowing us to store and transport your stands, you can save yourself the stress and hassle of handling these affairs alone and risking the possibility of compromising the integrity of the structures. Some exhibition stands, such as modular stands, can be safely disassembled and compartmentalised when stored away.


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Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you with your next exhibition stand. You can contact us directly on the details below or send us a message using the enquiry form on this page.

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