PEM Exhibition Services can provide fully visualised, computer generated 3D Exhibition Stand Design to help you see your exhibition stand before it’s been built. This encompasses all large format graphic displays and supplementary materials such as furniture, lighting etc.


What We Do

Turning your vision into reality, PEM Exhibition Services can provide fully visualised, computer generated 3D Exhibition Stand Designs. Encompassing all large format graphic displays plus supplementary materials, such as furniture and lighting, you can see your exhibition stand before it’s built.

From the initial brief, our team of designers will create a full colour, 3D Exhibition Stand Design for approval before proceeding to the next stage of development. Whether this includes artwork you’ve designed yourself or visuals created by our design team, you will end up with a complete render of how your stand will look.

You no longer have to use your imagination to visualise your stand, you can see it right in front of you!

Benefits of 3D Exhibition Stand Design

Creating 3D Exhibition Stand Designs provides a number of benefits to our clients. One of the main benefits is that the client can review and give feedback on the design before anything is built. Identifying any issues or changing any features is a lot easier to do on a 3D render than a real-life exhibition stand.

Exhibition Stand Graphic Design is adaptable, and this flexibility enables the client to iron out any flaws to ensure their stand is perfect. With the ability to visualise the stand from all angles and orientation, there is nowhere to hide. Branding, graphics, lighting and textures can all be assessed and adapted to fit your requirements correctly.

Finally, at PEM Exhibition Services, we believe that our 3D renders are the best way for us to showcase our Exhibition Stand Designs to our clients. We can explain and share our design choices for the project and engage with you in order to get the most productive feedback.


Large Format Graphic Displays

In addition to 3D Exhibition Stand Design, we provide large format graphic displays, whether for shell scheme stands or custom builds. To visualise the final layout, supplied artwork can be incorporated into the design, allowing you to see your own work on the design of the stand.

To initiate the design process we require a design brief outlining your requirements for the stand. PEM can supply a briefing document if required.

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To initiate the design process, we require a design brief outlining your requirements for the stand; PEM can supply a briefing document, if required.

To visualise the final layout, our designers use the latest software and tools to create bespoke 3D renders of your stand design. If you supply your own artwork and graphic design, this can also be incorporated into the design, allowing you to see what your stand would look like. If you’re looking for 3D Exhibition Stand Design,  it’s worth considering the professional job that PEM will provide.

Exhibition Stand Features

We have a number of exhibition stand features and graphics available so you can create the perfect visual experience. PEM’s supplementary items that can be included in your exhibition stand design are:

  • Counters
  • Plinths
  • Podiums
  • Electrics
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Audio Visual Services

All of these items can be displayed in the 3D Exhibition Stand Design provided to you so you can visualise the complete and finished stand. You can experience the impact your exhibition stand will have on your audience before it has been built and tweak it to make it as dynamic as possible. We always aim to meet and exceed your expectations and, with our 3D renders, we can do just that.

Make it Bespoke

The beauty of both shell scheme stands and custom builds is that you can make them completely bespoke. The adaptability of our 3D renders means you can be flexible with your designs before it is built and make sure every detail is tailored to you.

This is why PEM Exhibition Services offer 3D Exhibition Stand Designs because we want it to reflect your company and represent your brand identity the way you want it to. Fine-tune and change your 3D design as much as you like until you get it right – Although, we hope to get it right first time!

What We’ve Designed

All of our projects in our gallery started off as a 3D Exhibition Stand Design. The stands you see before you were all approved from 3D renders and all look exactly the same as the design.

Visit our case studies to see and understand how much attention to detail our designers pay to your design brief. We take the time to recognise your requirements and create your 3D stand to replicate this, tweaking if necessary.

No matter if you’ve already got a design brief and artwork or have an enquiry about what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us and talk to one of our team.

3D Stand Design Service

At PEM Exhibition Services, we provide a comprehensive Exhibition Stand Design and Build service. From start to finish, our team will work closely with you and be on-hand to help and advise whenever you need.

We understand that when exhibiting, you need to stand out from the crowd and make an impact on your audience. You also need to showcase your company’s character and personality, so you get noticed straight away.

Make a great first impression on your potential clientele by creating your own bespoke exhibition stand.

I Need a 3D Exhibition Stand Designed. What Next?

Firstly, after initial consultation, we will need to receive a detailed design brief from yourself which includes information about your business and your offering, plus what results you wish to yield from your stand.

Our designers will then work with this to develop an accurate 3D render so you can visualise your exhibition stand before it is built. After presenting this to you and applying any feedback received, it will be constructed for use.

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We don’t just offer 3D Exhibition Stand Design

Any trade show exhibitor knows that an exhibition stand can increase sales and boost interest in their company simply by luring customers to their booth. PEM Exhibition Services offer everything from small-scale portable display stands to large-scale customisable stands. A display stand is your shop window at marketing events so make sure you stand out with high-impact displays.

3D Stand Design - Types of Exhibition Stand

3D Exhibition Stand Design

Shell Scheme Stand Design - Types of Exhibition Stand

Shell Scheme Stand Design

Modular Exhibition Stands - Types of Exhibition Stand

Modular Exhibition Stands


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