Simpex Wanted an Exhibition Stand with the Wow Factor for Multimodal

Who is Simpex?

Formed in 2009, Simpex are a specialist freight carrier offering a variety of express transport services such as UK & European Dedicated Vehicles, Events Logistics, and Abnormal Loads. Committed to being the best express freight carrier, they are constantly delivering innovative logistic solutions, like their Semi-Express Service, and providing market-leading customer service.

What is the Multimodal Exhibition?

Multimodal Exhibitions are the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe’s one-stop shop for cargo owners. For the past 13 years, they offer exhibitors ways to improve their freight businesses by finding ways to move their products more efficiently. Multimodal also networks shippers and cargo owners with influential visitors and potential new suppliers.

What Were Simpex’s Exhibition Stand Requirements?

Generally speaking, the client needed the stand to be cost-effective yet have the wow factor to attract footfall. Simpex wanted to promote their business not only to prospective clients, but existing ones too. Therefore, the exhibition stand required absolute representation of Simpex as a business that would be both eye-catching and engaging.

How Did PEM Exhibition Services Help?

To create the most impact for Simpex, we opted for an open stand in order to provide exhibition attendees with a welcoming and appealing space. This way, when approaching the stand, they were immediately introduced to information about the business and could get to know more.

The 4-metre high walls were covered in full colour graphics, providing a vibrant and inviting feel. By displaying the clear messaging and bright branding, visibility was increased to a targeted audience. Business material about Simpex was both striking and easily accessible, therefore encouraging face-to-face engagement with potential and existing clientele.

What Results Did Simpex See from PEM Exhibition Services?

Although quite a simple stand, it definitely has the wow factor and was extremely impactful and effective. So much so, that Simpex have returned to Multimodal with the same stand for the last three years!

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