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What We Do

PEM offer a full, complete and comprehensive service when it comes to bespoke exhibition stand construction. Each custom-built exhibition stand is manufactured to the highest quality at our premises and then shipped directly to the exhibition venue by our staff.

They are then meticulously constructed by our team of tradesmen, making sure that great attention to detail is always paid. We are passionate about delivering the best possible service, turning your vision into a reality and even more.

Exhibition Stand Construction
Exhibition Stand Construction


Why Choose Us?

At PEM, we employ only the very best skilled craftsmen to construct our stands. All of our exhibition stand builders have vast experience in the exhibition stand design and construction industry, with a working knowledge of all of the major venues across the UK and, indeed, globally.

From agreed designs, our exhibition stand contractors will construct your stand to the finest quality which is then decorated and finished ready for shipment. The stand is then wrapped and protected during the transport process and carefully unloaded at the venue ready for the stand construction.

Our team of experts then erect the stand to the highest standard and to the agreed time, ready to handover the stand for you to merchandise and make ready for the exhibition attendees. We have provided these solutions for many companies which you can see on our case studies page.

We will always deliver the excellent build quality you would hope for from a professional exhibition contractor, so you can rely on us for all of your exhibition stand needs.

Exhibition Stand Installation & Logistics

Each and every stand is delivered and installed carefully and within the requested timeframe. Our reliable team make sure it is safe and protected during the transport process and carefully unloaded and constructed on arrival at the venue.

As well as exhibition stand construction, we also dismantle your stand after the exhibition and transport back to our premises to be stored for future shows if required.

We always put our customers and their designs first, so find out more about our Exhibition Stand Storage and Logistics by visiting the page or getting in contact with us.

Exhibition Stand Contractor

Designing, manufacturing, storing, delivering, constructing, installing and dismantling – We do it all here at PEM Exhibition Services. We are a full-service exhibition stand contractor that is more than willing to meet and exceed your display stand requirements.

You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your exhibition stand is in the safest hands when you come to us. From initial concepts to final product, we are with you every step of the way to make sure you get everything you want out of your stand.

Need an Exhibition Stand Designed too?

Booked yourself a shell scheme stand, or space only stand, but now need to find the perfect stand designer? Look no further! PEM are the ideal exhibition stand contractors ready to meet every one of your exhibition stand needs. Contact us today so we can arrange a project brief to understand your requirements and start planning your design.

30 years of experience

Contactable 7 days a week

6 knowledgeable exhibition stand experts


Why Get Your Exhibition Stand Professionally Designed?

Leave A Lasting Impression

You could be surrounded by some of your main competitors at your chosen exhibition, so why not make sure that your business is getting the attention it deserves with a bespoke, professionally designed exhibition stand? You’ll be bound to leave a positive lasting impression on all who walk by!

Hassle-Free Assembly

At PEM Exhibition Services, we pride ourselves on offering a hassle-free service. We will assemble and dismantle your bespoke, professional exhibition stand at your venue of choice, meaning that you will be greeted by your beautiful stand already in situ. This will give you more time to enjoy the exhibition.

Expert Design Input

Convey your creative vision to our experienced exhibition stand designers, and work in collaboration to create a masterpiece you can be truly proud of. Not only will our knowledgeable team help you to create a visually stunning display, but they will also ensure that it is structurally sound.

Completely Customisable Design

Your business aims always inform our design process. Whether you are hoping to generate sales, promote your USPs over your competitors or simply attract potential customers, your bespoke exhibition stand is entirely customisable from top to bottom.


We don’t just offer Exhibition Stand Construction

Any trade show exhibitor knows that an exhibition stand can increase sales and boost interest in their company simply by luring customers to their booth. PEM Exhibition Services offer everything from small-scale portable display stands to large-scale customisable stands. A display stand is your shop window at marketing events so make sure you stand out with high-impact displays.

3D Stand Design - Types of Exhibition Stand

3D Exhibition Stand Design

Shell Scheme Stand Design - Types of Exhibition Stand

Shell Scheme Stand Design

Modular Exhibition Stands - Types of Exhibition Stand

Modular Exhibition Stands



How are exhibition stands constructed?2022-07-22T14:18:29+01:00

Exhibition stands are meticulously constructed from a wide range of materials; though aluminium and plastic can be used, MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and wood are the most commonly utilised materials for a significant portion of PEM Exhibition Stand projects. Our designers take the brand image of your business into heavy consideration throughout the development process and can work with you to figure out which combination of mediums best suits your needs.

Such materials, when handled by industry experts, can be morphed into many shapes and sizes. For example, if you are representing a bank, PEM may suggest the use of sturdy metallic surfaces to convey the toughness and security you can offer for your customers’ savings.

How much does it cost to construct an exhibition stand?2022-07-22T14:21:40+01:00

Construction of an exhibition stand is a complex process involving many bespoke options.

For example, all trade show stands produced by PEM Exhibition Services are as unique as snowflakes – being designed on an individual basis to suit a particular business. Between them, production costs can vary considerably. For this reason, we can only supply a full, accurate quotation once the design has been finalised and signed off. However, we guarantee great value for money and return on investment if you have a trade show stand constructed by our experienced manufacturers.

We believe that getting an exhibition stand made by skilled and passionate craftsmen is worth the effort. Call us today and our friendly team will answer any pricing-related queries you may have.

What materials are used in exhibition stand construction?2022-07-27T13:53:34+01:00

Exhibition stands offer a huge opportunity for creative design and use of materials, meaning almost every medium is ‘on the table’.

Most of our exhibition stands are primarily made of wood and MDF. Our graphic displays can be constructed using soft fabrics as well as harder plastic materials, or they can be entirely digital – it’s all down to your preferences and what you believe will enhance your brand’s impact in a public space. For instance, we may suggest the use of wooden panelling on an exhibition stand for a spa treatment business to emphasise the rustic, naturalistic values of its brand and service.

What is the goal of constructing an exhibition stand for a trade show?2022-07-22T15:00:01+01:00

The general aim of building exhibition stands for trade shows is to create a small, self-contained world embodying the best elements of your business. Having a professionally constructed manifestation of your brand to present to trade show visitors is an excellent way to boost your market presence and prove to your competitors that you mean business.

Trade show visitors are already in a willing mindset and want to be impressed by what they see. With an exhibition stand, potential customers will be able to experience your brand voice and, upon some closer interaction with your business’s representatives, may become more inclined to invest in your service.

Are exhibition stands worth building just for trade shows?2022-07-22T14:25:48+01:00

We wholeheartedly endorse the benefits of creating exhibition stands for trade shows when it comes to networking with other businesses, assessing your industry’s competition, and attracting potential customers. Hundreds of trade shows are held across the country every year – each one drawing thousands of people looking to trade, network, invest or simply have a grand day out.

Having a sleek, professionally-made exhibition stand at the ready effectively communicates to others that your business is serious, prestigious and trustworthy. If you can clearly display your product or service, you’re already head and shoulders above most of your competitors – especially those who have not invested in a professional exhibition stand constructor.


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