Who is DansEZ?

DansEZ is a globally recognised company specialising in quality dancewear for over 45 years. Since 1975, they have not only been designing ground-breaking clothing, but repurposing and handmaking fashion in their Kent studio. With their roots and heritage firmly planted in dance, they are proud to offer a sustainable solution to activewear.

What is the Move It Exhibition?

Move It is the world’s biggest dance event, celebrating all forms of dance across 3 days. It doesn’t matter what level, style, experience or training you have, there are opportunities for everyone at this exhibition. Whether you’re a dancer, teacher, spectator or professional, you can enjoy performances, dance classes, performing arts workshops, and much more! With over 30,000 people under one roof, it truly brings the world of dance together.

What Were DansEZ’s Exhibition Stand Requirements?

Their space only site was 5M x 5M and it was situated centrally within the location. DansEZ required a clean and visually inviting stand design to showcase their product without the merchandiser unit looking like a shop. The client wanted to dispense the product to customers easily whilst still being able to keep the look and the feel of the stand.

How Did PEM Exhibition Services Help?

4M high corner triangular towers were used to showcase the product visually whilst keeping sharp lines using gloss white covering. High impact action shots were displayed on large format graphics in order to maximise attendee reaction, so no matter what direction the customer came from, they would be able to see and be enticed by DansEx’s products.

LED lighting was also used to illuminate the stand to accentuate the product and the graphics used. To complete the look, PEM provided a platform floor and high gloss vinyl flooring to finish the stand how the client desired.

What Results Did DansEZ See from PEM Exhibition Services?

With such an open stand design, it didn’t feel like a shop at all. The attention-grabbing graphics drew people in from every direction and interaction was made easy with the open space around the stand.

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