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Modular Exhibition Stands

At PEM Exhibition Services, we offer affordable, yet visually stunning modular exhibition stands as a simple, easy and quick solution. Not compromising on quality, these stands will still produce the wow factor without blowing your budget.

Exhibiting has never been easier; all you have to do is let us know the size of your exhibition space, the configuration and any extras you’d like to add. Then, simply arrive at the exhibition to merchandise your stand, exhibit, and leave when the event is finished – PEM will take care of everything.

Included in our modular exhibition stands are:

  • Hire of wall panels to create a two walled stand.
  • Hire of led lighting.
  • Full colour banner graphics to each wall printed from client supplied artwork.
  • Transport, installation and dismantle ( London and Birmingham areas )

Stand out from the crowd with this convenient solution, suitable for either space only or shell scheme stands.

Exhibition Stand Sizes

Not every exhibition space is the same size which is why we offer a range of pre-configured sizes:

3M x 2M stand = £2,750.00 + VAT.

3M x 3M stand = £2,950.00 + VAT.

4M x 2M stand = £2,950.00 + VAT.

4M x 3M stand = £3,150.00 + VAT.

4M x 4M stand = £3,350.00 + VAT.

Designed to fit perfectly in common trade show spaces, our modular exhibition stands are adaptable enough to offer a practical layout option for any show. If you require a different stand size or wall configuration than listed above, or transport to a venue in a different area, please contact for prices.

Optional Extras

As well as the essential exhibition stand structure, we also offer optional extras that can be included in your design. These extras are:

  • Platform floor
  • Flooring i.e., carpet, vinyl, laminate
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Mounted graphics
  • Furniture
  • Counters/Reception desks
  • Electrics

Please contact us for individual prices for these optional extras.

Speak to PEM

We have over 30 years’ experience within the exhibition industry and provide modular exhibition stands as a convenient, cost-effective service for any company. If you are looking for a quick, easy and reliable solution for your next exhibition, PEM Exhibition Services have got the answer.

All you have to do is let us know your stand size/configuration, turn up and exhibit, then leave after the show. We will take care of everything for you.

Get in touch with us today for more information.

30 years of experience

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Why Get Your Modular Exhibition Stand Professionally Designed?

Leave A Lasting Impression

You could be surrounded by some of your main competitors at your chosen exhibition, so why not make sure that your business is getting the attention it deserves with a bespoke, professionally designed exhibition stand? You’ll be bound to leave a positive lasting impression on all who walk by!

Hassle-Free Assembly

At PEM Exhibition Services, we pride ourselves on offering a hassle-free service. We will assemble and dismantle your bespoke, professional exhibition stand at your venue of choice, meaning that you will be greeted by your beautiful stand already in situ. This will give you more time to enjoy the exhibition.

Expert Design Input

Convey your creative vision to our experienced exhibition stand designers, and work in collaboration to create a masterpiece you can be truly proud of. Not only will our knowledgeable team help you to create a visually stunning display, but they will also ensure that it is structurally sound.

Completely Customisable Design

Your business aims always inform our design process. Whether you are hoping to generate sales, promote your USPs over your competitors or simply attract potential customers, your bespoke exhibition stand is entirely customisable from top to bottom.


We don’t just offer Modular Exhibition Stands

Any trade show exhibitor knows that an exhibition stand can increase sales and boost interest in their company simply by luring customers to their booth. PEM Exhibition Services offer everything from small-scale portable display stands to large-scale customisable stands. A display stand is your shop window at marketing events so make sure you stand out with high-impact displays.

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3D Exhibition Stand Design

Shell Scheme Stand Design - Types of Exhibition Stand

Shell Scheme Stand Design

Modular Exhibition Stands - Types of Exhibition Stand

Modular Exhibition Stands



How are modular exhibition stands transported?2022-07-22T15:32:10+01:00

Our modular exhibition stands are transported via a specialised haulage service. We carefully handle the transportation of reusable exhibition stands to ensure that no damage comes to the products we have made, which gives our clients peace of mind. Modular stands can be carefully dismantled for safer, easier transportation across long distances.

Your stand can be delivered straight to the trade show venue if you wish. There, our experienced installers can set the stand up in an opportune spot where you can draw the most attention.

What is the process behind how you design modular exhibition stands?2022-07-22T15:32:49+01:00

When designing modular exhibition stands for our clients, PEM arranges an initial consultation session to discuss the general design and direction of the project. Next, we begin to develop the look and feel of the exhibition stand.

Once we have perfected the design to the client’s satisfaction, we can begin constructing the modular stand, starting with a solid aluminium foundation. From there, our experienced stand builders can add decorations, branding and product displays. Finally, we can arrange for safe dismantling, transportation and storage of the modular stand, so it can be ready to wow trade show visitors wherever it goes.

Please take a look at PEM Exhibition Services’ storage facility options if you want to keep your stands safe for future trade show usage.

What extras can be included in a modular exhibition stand package?2022-07-22T15:29:34+01:00

When purchasing a modular exhibition stand, you may want to consider the inclusion of additional decorative and functional elements. With PEM, these ‘add-ons’ are produced to the same high standards as stands themselves and designed to match the design determined during consultations. These include:

  • LED lighting
  • Seating
  • Furniture
  • Electrical displays
  • Product demonstration displays
  • Padded flooring
  • Reception desks
  • … and more

We can arrange to have these extra features fitted to your modular exhibition stand after the initial design process is complete. If you are planning a showstopping modular exhibition stand featuring add-ons of any kind, please contact the expert team at PEM.

Can modular exhibition stands be customised?2022-07-22T15:33:09+01:00

Like our many other exhibition stand packages, PEM’s modular stands are completely customisable and built to each of our clients’ unique specifications. The benefit to modular type stands is that they can be configured in many different ways to best suit their surroundings. Once a modular stand is in your possession, you can make impromptu customisations whenever you like – your stand is your canvas.

What is a modular exhibition stand?2022-07-22T15:26:28+01:00

Our modular exhibition stands represent a dynamic and visitor-friendly approach to interacting with potential clients at trade shows – maximising space at every opportunity. Offering a cost-effective alternative to other trade show stand products, modular exhibition stands can be as minimalist or lavishly decorated as you wish. With plenty of open space at your disposal, you can add comfortable areas for visitors and potential clients to sit and interact with your business’s representatives. Furthermore, modular systems are flexible enough to adapt to different spaces when reused for subsequent trade shows.

Modular systems can be quite expensive to buy outright, so hiring them out is often a more attractive option. With this being said, exhibitors that attend multiple trade shows over the course of a year and re-install their stands each time gain a significant ROI on upfront purchases.


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