Who is Quadpack?

Quadpack was established in 2003 and has both offices and production facilities located in Europe, the US and the Asia-Pacific region. They are a global company, with a network of manufacturing partners across the world, that design, develop, source and manufacture packaging solutions for beauty products.

What is the PCD Exhibition?

The PCD Exhibition stands for the Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics & Design exhibition and has an average of 600 cosmetic packaging suppliers and 1,600 brands attending annually. Located in the luxurious city of Paris, France, it is the world’s leading event in perfume, cosmetics and premium drinks packaging and aerosol and dispensing technology. Providing inspiration to the entire industry and professional insight on key trends, it is a great opportunity to exhibit and network.

What Were Quadpack’s Exhibition Stand Requirements?

With a stand space of 6M x 3M, Quadpack required a visually effective exhibition stand that stood out from the crowd at the PCD Exhibition. Both the capability to showcase their products and capacity to allow for attendee interaction was imperative in order to successfully network with potential clients.

How Did PEM Exhibition Services Help?

We wanted to emphasise Quadpack’s various products as best as possible, so we designed two internally illuminated product display units. Additionally, a glass-topped reception unit that illuminated from underneath provided extra product placement, allowing the client maximum exposure for their packaging solutions.

To create a welcoming feel to their exhibition stand and to enhance both company and brand awareness, a full colour banner graphic was displayed on the back wall. A full colour backlit lightbox accentuated this graphic, as well as other client graphics, making the stand eye catching and impactful.

What Results Did Quadpack See from PEM Exhibition Services?

As you can see, Quadpack’s various packaging solutions were the star of the show and drew attendees towards their stand. Spacious enough for visitor interaction, their exhibition stand was a true success.

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