It’s been a year since the global COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown guidelines hit the nation and it’s safe to say that the events and exhibitions industry has been severely impacted.

After the recent announcement of the roadmap to the easing of lockdown, there seems to be a beacon of hope for the return of normality. However, “normality” is quite a loose term as there will undoubtedly still be restrictions surrounding normal day-to-day activities and, of course, events.

How will exhibitions adapt to the “new normal” once we’re out of lockdown? Let’s take a look.

Predicted Adaptations for Exhibitions Post-Lockdown

Technology-Based Experiences

The role of technology in our day-to-day lives has become significant during the pandemic, so there’s no question of why we wouldn’t still utilise it to our advantage post-lockdown. “Hybrid Events” seem to be on the cards for future exhibitions; this is where small groups will take part in the face-to-face networking and exhibiting whilst others will be able to experience it through live streaming and other virtual elements. This solution gives people opportunities to still appreciate the tactile nature of exhibitions in smaller audiences and extend the experience virtually too.

More Outdoor Exhibitions

With the risk of transmission significantly less when outdoors, a viable option for exhibitions would be to hold their events outside. The weather is getting warmer and drier as we move towards the end of the roadmap which means this is a great idea for many exhibitions post-lockdown. Exhibiting outside means more people can attend these functions and social distancing guidelines will be able to keep everyone safe.

Essential Social Distancing Guidelines

Exhibitions post-lockdown can take tips from the essential supermarkets that had to stay open during the COVID-19 outbreak and apply them to their events. It is vital that social distancing guidelines are adhered to and these can be aided with one-way systems, extra-wide passages, mandatory face mask wearing and regular signage reminders. If there are seating areas, these should be laid out in a socially distanced manner and the overall structure of the exhibition should be designed to make every visitor and exhibitor feel comfortable.

Ultra-Strict Health & Safety

Of course, hand sanitiser must be a staple at any event taking place in the next few months, and even further into the future. Hand washing stations and regular hand sanitiser spots should be placed around the exhibition to provide visitors with the opportunity to sanitise whenever they wish. Other health and safety guidelines exhibitors will have to adhere to is making sure their stands are kept clean and hygienic.

Modified Exhibition Stand Designs

Following on from the point above, it is not just the exhibition organisers that have to make changes, but exhibitors too. When it comes to designing your exhibition stand, you need to remember to take social distancing and strict hygiene measures into account. Ensure that you create enough space for visitors to move safely around your stand and offer spacious seating areas to network with these visitors in a socially distanced manner. Also, remember to provide facilities for hand sanitation. 

PEM Exhibition Services Post-Lockdown in 2021

It’s been a quiet year for PEM Exhibition Services, but we are excited to get back on track and exhibiting again! We’re sure we’re not the only ones who are keen to return to exhibitions and to relish in the unique experience of these events.

If you’re looking for a unique stand design for your next exhibition or a simple, cost-effective modular exhibition stand solution, get in touch with us or make an enquiry today.