Deciding which type of exhibition stand is best for your business will depend on your budget and the results you hope to achieve through exhibiting. This guide will give you a better understanding of the key features of the different types of exhibition stands and help you decide which one is best for your business.

What Are the Main Exhibition Stand Types?

Shell Scheme Exhibition Stands

Shell schemes are the basic exhibition stand usually assigned to exhibitors upon booking an exhibition space. They act as a blank canvas for businesses to attach their branding to, so they’re fairly simple in design. However, furniture, lighting and AV features can be added for a more premium, stand-out look.

Bare Space

Bare space or raw space is the empty floor space exhibitors can rent out at exhibitions.

Available in various different sizes, bare spaces are sold completely empty, which makes them the best option for those who want to set up modular or bespoke stands.

Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular exhibition stands are made up of several separate components that are assembled to create a complete stand. Versatile and reusable, the different components in modular stands can be put together in various combinations to fit into different spaces and shapes.

Pull Up and Pop Up Displays

Pull up and pop-up displays are incredibly easy to put up and pack away, requiring minimal effort and taking up very little storage space.

They’re essentially just a printed backwall display, which makes them suitable for space-only exhibits or to add to shell scheme systems.

Because of their simplicity, however, pull up and pop-up displays aren’t best for making your brand stand out from the competition, however, they make a great cost-efficient option for displaying basic brand messaging.

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Bespoke exhibition stands are designed and developed completely tailored to the unique specifications of each customer, in any shape or size. This is the best exhibition stand for businesses to display their individuality, promote their USPs and showcase their identity at exhibitions.

Quality Exhibition Design, Build and Installation

Whichever type of exhibition stand you choose for your business, our dedicated team here at PEM Exhibitions take pride in delivering a seamless experience for our customers.

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