It is common knowledge that our attention spans are continually decreasing, so it’s vital you make a great first impression and attract visitors’ attention as soon as you can. When it comes to exhibitions, there are a number of other competitors that are trying to do the same, as well as an array of other distractions you have to contend with.

Here are some tips on how you can successfully attract visitors to your exhibition stand.

Make Your Exhibition Stand More Attractive

Live Tweet During the Exhibition

By tweeting during the exhibition about where visitors can find you and what you have to offer on your stand, you are actively engaging with your audience. Also, when you use the dedicated hashtag for the exhibition, you will be able to promote your presence to a wider audience and encourage people to look out for you when they arrive.

Use Videos & Technology to Your Advantage

Playing a high-quality video at the entrance of your exhibition stand is a great way to draw visitors in. Displaying an eye-catching yet informative video about your business is not only stimulating but introduces visitors to your brand before they engage with you directly. You could even have this playing on some tablets if you decide to bring these as a clipboard-alternative for gathering details about interested visitors.

Encourage Visitors to Participate in Demos

If you are using this exhibition to promote a new product in your range, make sure you offer the opportunity for visitors to be able to use it. This tactile experience is incredibly engaging for visitors as well as being incredibly memorable, no matter what kind of demonstration you choose to showcase it. There are a number of ways you can get visitors involved whether it’s physically or digitally through games or augmented reality.

Run Competitions for Visitors to Get Involved In

This idea to attract visitors to your exhibition stand provides many different possibilities that can be tailored to your business specifically. There is the option to run the competition before the exhibition and announce the winner while you’re exhibiting or to run it during and announce the winner there too.

The prize should always be relevant to your business, so you can ensure that they are interested in your brand; this could be a free trial, a unique discount, gift vouchers or free samples. Choices for competitions could be picking the best answer to an objective industry question, quizzes, raffles, or completing some sort of puzzle.

Bring Your Enthusiasm to Your Stand

It’s not just about turning up to the exhibition in your branded clothing and standing there with a smile. Use your personality to your advantage and bring people over to your stand with your enthusiasm and charisma. If you bring a team along with you, you could use one specifically as the hook to bring people or one as a spotter to go out into the crowd and bring people in this way. No matter what role you play, it’s always important to be passionate about your business.

Attractive Exhibition Stands by PEM Exhibition Services

All of these points above are near enough irrelevant if you don’t have an attractive exhibition stand in the first place. One way you can make sure that your exhibition stand will attract visitors and their attention is by coming to PEM Exhibition Services.

From Bespoke Exhibition Stands to Modular Exhibition Stands and Shell Scheme Stands, we have a variety of options that can be tailored to your business as well as your exhibition and specific features you would like to include. Explore our website to find out more about our services or contact us directly to discuss your ideas and requirements.