I’m Julia, and I’m the Chief Exec of @EveryDoctorUK. We run a network of 40,000 NHS staff. Due to dodgy PPE which put staff+patients at risk, we’re taking the government to court along with @GoodLawProject 👩‍⚖️ 👨🏾‍⚕️

🌟We’re in court today🌟

Please RT+we’ll update everyone👍

My European colleagues are embarrassed & ashamed how the UK Gov has neglected the UK Event Ind, Please acknowledge & support, we will play an essential role in rebuilding society
#GovCantSeeUs #WeMakeEvents #wecreateexperiences @RishiSunak @OliverDowden @BorisJohnson

I cannot & absolutely will not just sit by whilst Boris Johnson’s brexit trade deal, sold to Parliament on the basis of a barefaced lie (no non-tariff barriers to trade) forces businesses & whole industries into ruin, so please don’t ask me too

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